What is AVN?

AVN is short for Avascular necrosis. Today it is more commonly referred to as Osteonecrosis. We shorten it to either ON/AVN, or simply to AVN. No matter what it is called, it remains a very serious bone disease that causes once-healthy joints and bones to die. It often results in chronic pain and limited use of the joints, and therefore has the ability to reduce the patient’s over-all quality of life. The pain is compared to being like bone cancer.

Today, there is hope on the horizon thanks to the dedication of many doctors and researchers who have discovered much about AVN. Although there is still no cure for this disease, some new treatments exist for it today that were not available as little as 10 years ago.

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Thank you for your donations. Right now anything helps. All I can do right now is live life one day at at time and remember there is light at the end of the tunnel. My first surgery is over. My hip is healing nicely. The second surgery is happening in mid may. After my hips are healthy I plan on playing as many shows as I can because my shoulders are showing the early signs of AVN. I hope after MRI and X-rays that I am wrong and I don't have AVN in my shoulders. So stay tuned to my MySpace on show dates and come out and celebrate life with me. because It may be a long while before I get a chance to play again.

Thanks Again for all the love and support.

Much love,
Kevin Dawson


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